Sunday, 15 January 2017

Addi Pro One Piece, Two Layer Mittens

I followed Suzy Notting AddiKingLoomersandKnits mitten pattern; Addi Express Professional Mittens Pattern with Tutorial and I was inspired to create a one piece double layer version. These are quick and easy to make. So bring on winters, we have you covered for mild or not so mild winters to come.  Whether you choose Suzy's one layer or my two layer pattern, they are both perfect for friends, family and charity.

Suzy's Mitten;

My Mitten;

Here is the adult size pattern that I came up with. "Addi Pro One Piece, Two Layer Mittens".  I recommend following Suzy's video to learn how to do the thumb (16 min 50 seconds into the video). Enjoy!

Important notes
*Do not reset counter once you cast on. 
*This pattern basically creates a big mitten (outer) and a slightly smaller mitten (inner) all in one piece. The end with 29 rows needs to be placed on the inside of the mitten, so make sure you remember which end is which. I usually leave a much longer tail when casting off, so I know that this is the smaller mitten.

Reset counter then Cast on
Complete 30 rows, counter should indicate 30 rows
Work thumb for 26 rows, counter should indicate 56 rows
Complete 74 rows, counter should indicate 130 rows
Work another thumb for 24 rows, counter should indicate 154 rows
Complete 29 more rows, counter should indicate 183 rows
Leave a tail long enough to remove stitches.
Using this long tail, Cast off stitches from Addi

 Cinch end closed. Turn end with 29 rows into the end with 30 rows. 

Cinch other end closed and tie the ends together and hide tails between the two layers.

Sew inside thumb and outside thumb together.

That's it! And as Suzy states in her video; "Don't forget to make one more" :)
Thank you Suzy for the inspiration.

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